New AI Feature Examples

Mark Mahoney

This is a group of code playbacks that have some new AI features in them. Please look at one or more playbacks and try out the features:
1. Ask About This Code allows one to ask about the code at the pause point. Enter in a prompt and the an AI model will reply. The AI model gets the code at the pause point.
2. Generate a Self-Grading Multiple Choice Question request that a self-graded multiple choice question be generated based on the code at the pause point.

You will have to create an account and be logged in in order to use these features. Please let me know what you think about the AI features by filling out this brief survey.

1.2 *JES* Adding a Border to a Picture
1.3 *JES* Shrinking a Picture
2.2 Passing parameters by reference
2.3 A class with objects for data members
2.4 Simple Linked List
3.2 **Observer Pattern** Observing the Time Change
4.2 Tail recursion
4.3 Poker probabilities