Mark Mahoney

I am the creator of code playbacks and the founder of the Playback Press. I have always been interested in helping people learn how to code. I started by creating an open source project to build code playbacks using a top-notch editor (VS Code) and a web browser. That project is called 'Storyteller' and you can find out more about it here. I have written hundreds of code playbacks and I am happy to share them here on Playback Press.

Do you want to connect with me? I am on LinkedIn and Twitter.

My Books:

Title Tags Author(s)
An Animated Introduction to Clojure clojure, functional_programming Mark Mahoney
An Animated Introduction to Elixir elixir, functional_programming, erlang, concurrency Mark Mahoney
An Animated Introduction to Programming in C++ c, c++, intro Mark Mahoney
An Animated Introduction to Programming with Python python, intro Laura Mahoney, Mark Mahoney
Database Design and SQL for Beginners sql, intro Mark Mahoney
Worked SQL Examples sql, intro Mark Mahoney
A Brief Introduction to Ruby ruby Mark Mahoney
Mobile App Development with Dart and Flutter dart, flutter, mobile Mark Mahoney
An Introduction to Web Development from Back to Front webdev, js, html, css, react, graphql, express, node, mongo, sqlite Mark Mahoney
How I Built It: Word Zearch webdev, how_i_built_it Mark Mahoney
OO Design Patterns with Java java, patterns Mark Mahoney
Programming with SQLite sqlite, c++, python, java Mark Mahoney