Discover the Power of Code Playbacks

Code playbacks are a medium for guiding developers through code. The reader sees the code evolve in the order that it was written along with comments from the author. Each comment is linked to a point in the code's development. A comment describes some changes to the code and allows the author to explain their thought process with code highlights, whiteboard style pictures, screenshots, videos, and more. With code playbacks a developer can tell the story of how their code came to be.


"Having the blend of high-level 'what is this and what is it for' and low-level 'how do I use this' in the same resource made the playbacks an invaluable resource."

"To say they were helpful would be an understatement. They were so helpful in seeing the structure of the patterns discussed."

"The playbacks struck a very good balance between talking about a topic and showing how to do something. The blend of content involved is quite nice and very beneficial to understanding the topic at hand."

"I liked being able to easily jump to any part in the coding process and see an explanation of what was going on and why. It made it so if I was stuck somewhere in my code, but knew what I was stuck on had been discussed in a playback, I could go back to it and sometimes find useful information."

"I think the playbacks perform a similar function to video tutorials, but work much better because they allow the user to go through the code at their own pace and because it makes it easy to scroll through the code without having to scrub through a video. This allows them to work both as a tutorial and a quick reference when writing code."

"I found the playbacks useful to show examples of the concepts, not just how to do it but to learn more about how it can be applied."

Whether you're a beginner looking to learn new skills or an experienced developer seeking deeper insights, code playbacks offer a window into the minds of fellow programmers. Your path to mastering code through stories begins here. In order to access all of the code playbacks in our books, you must first sign up.