A Brief Introduction to Ruby

Mark Mahoney

This is a brief introduction to Ruby. Ruby is a masterfully designed language. It has been around for many years and is incredibly popular, especially among web developers. It is a friendly programming language that is intuitive and a joy to work with.

This introduction to Ruby is for people who have some programming experience. One interesting feature of Ruby is the ability to pass code around to methods to be executed. This is a very powerful technique.

What you will see in this 'book' is a collection of code playbacks. Playbacks were designed to help guide a reader through code examples. You will get to see how I build programs up from scratch and hear me explain it in comments that I make along the way. These comments will have text, screenshots, and hand drawn pictures. This will allow you to get inside my head and hopefully this will demystify the programming process. When you click on a playback title below it will open a new tab. Then, just click on the comments on the left hand side of the screen and you will be guided through the code.

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Click on the first playback below to begin your journey with Ruby!

1.1 Hello Ruby!!!
1.2 Variables and Types
1.3 Selection and Looping
1.4 Arrays
1.5 Hashes
1.6 Methods
1.7 Closures
1.8 Iterators
1.9 Classes in Ruby
1.10 Interacting Classes
1.11 Unit Testing in Ruby